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Inventory Management.

Discover the essence of inventory management and its significance with us. Learn about the inventory turnover ratio formula, control techniques, and types of inventory. Explore the meaning of inventory, its management using the best software solution. Elevate your understanding of inventory with us


Elevate your invoicing process with our cutting-edge e-invoicing solutions! Explore the applicability and benefits of e-invoicing, along with us. Discover the efficiency of electronic invoicing and find the best invoicing software tailored to your needs. Learn all about e-invoicing and streamline your invoicing processes effortlessly.

Alkaid Invoicing software
Alkaid Trial balance report

All accounting and inventory reports.

Transform your accounting operations with our innovative cloud accounting software! Explore the accounting equation, master double-entry accounting, and delve into the realm of financial accounting effortlessly. Discover the freedom of our free accounting software, tailored for modern businesses. Experience the convenience of cloud-based solutions while unraveling the essence of accounting. Start optimizing your financial management processes today!


Cross platform

The app is available in various platforms like Window, Mac, Linux as you like.

Easy to use.

Automate your inventory, ordering, accounting and other critical business operations by using our cloud-based software.

Manage your cash flows.

Facilitate the accounting process for small businesses with little or no accounting background.

Access anywhere.

Effortlessly manage your finances in the cloud.

Invoicing and expense tracking.

Create and send bills to customers for products or services rendered.

Real-time financial reporting.

Get up-to-date view of your financial situation at any given moment.


All plans include free 14 days trial. Upgrade after the trial period expired.

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